Basic usage


#include <flom/flom.hpp>

All required headers are included in flom.hpp

Load / Dump the motion

Loading and dumping is easy:

int main() {
  auto motion = flom::Motion::load("file.fom");

  // ... Edit loaded motion


We recommend to use .fom as a file extension.

You can use Motion::load_json or Motion::dump_json if you like json

Obtain a frame

Use Motion::frame_at to obtain a frame at arbitrary time point. For example:

// Assume motion is an instance of flom::Motion
auto frame = motion.frame_at(1.5);

Here, frame is a frame at 1.5 second since the motion is started.

Iterate over frames

for (auto&& [t, frame] : motion.frames(10)) {
   // Do something with frame

In this way, frames are iterated in 10fps(not actual time, but the time in the motion!). Also t holds the time of current frame.